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Last Updated: 5/24/2009 4:34:20 PM
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Queensland--Goldcoast-Tweed Heads
Babywearing Help -- Free
I offer free consultation and babywearing workshop in Goldcoastand Tweed area. For mothers group, baby health clinic, playgroup, please contact me. Learn and discover more about babywearing and make babywearing work for you. Gold coin donation welcome but not required.

Babywearing Classes for a Fee
Friends of the Birth Centre Townsville hold regular babywearing workshops. Entry fee goes to fundraising for the not for profit group
Honey Acharya
Phone: 07 4721 2236

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Babywearing Playgroup
Babywearing Calgary is a babywearing playgroup. We meet once a month to learn about different carriers, guide you with troubleshooting your carriers, and enjoy wearing our kids. Come to our website to get current information, meeting times and locations and meet our members. We look forward to meeting you and your little ones!
Jen Wadleigh
Phone: 403-239-5351

Babywearing Playgroup
Ongoing meetings in the Lethbridge area. You can join our facebook group titled Lethbridge Babywearers. Huge stash to play with and learn to babywear with.
Andrea Johnson
Phone: 403-894-2221

British Columbia--Victoria
Babywearing Help -- Free
Our playgroup welcomes all babywearing mommies. We also offer help to those who are new to the wonderful experience. We also offer free samples of various carriers for you to try out. Please email us for more information.
Phone: 1-866-470-8050

Babywearing Help -- Free
I would be happy to help out a mama who is new to babywearing or needs a new position etc. I love having my little one in her sling or wrap. Also any wearing mamas who want to get together let me know.

Ontario--Toronto/Greater Toronto Area
Babywearing Help -- Free
Babywearing Advocate and Sling Distributor.
Tamara Champion
Phone: 1-866-86-4BABY

Babywearing Help -- Free
Mother of two. I have used wrap carriers a lot. This website helped me a lot. I am ready to help babywearing. I speak French, Spanish and a little English.
Phone: 450-641-9015

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Chaoyang District, near Lido--Beijing
Childbirth Education including Babywearing Instruction
I am available for babywearing help.
Liora Pearlman
Phone: 139-1030-6022

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Babywearing Playgroup
We have 4 kids at have been enjoying babywearing a long time. We love to help families in our area for free. And we have from the very beginning been doing home visits. At the moment our door is open every Monday from 10 am to noon.
Tina and Kristian Witt
Phone: +4539666347

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Ile de France--Paris
Babywearing Consultations
Babywearing educator and Lactation consultant offering babywearing classes & consultations. Also, breastfeeding consultations& hotline.
Diane Szpigielman
Phone: 0670882852

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Babywearing Help -- Free
I love wearing my baby and would be happy to help and/or meet up with anyone interested in the same.
Laura Guse
Phone: +49 451 8805927

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Babywearing Consultations
I offer one to one classes or group classes. I`m available for free demonstrations at mothers groups.
Anja Alt
Phone: 0877867205

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Babywearing Help -- Free
I have worn my daughter for 15 months and love it. Will share ideas, not an expert. Ho portato mia figlia 15 mesi e mi piace molto. Parlo italiano, un po, mi piace parlare con altre donne, ma non sono esperto.
Brenda Soya

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Breastfeeding Support
We are a voluntary mothers that formed a NGO group called the MMPS (Mother-to-Mother Peer Supporter) for breastfeeding support. We are very happy to support any mothers with breastfeeding dilemmas and all issues related to breastfeeding. We also offers babywearing TIPS during monthly meetings. Please feel free to contact us in regards to both breastfeeding managements and babywearing.
Dr Jamie Khoo
Phone: 012-4125506

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Childbirth Education including Babywearing Instruction
Mother of four children (00,01,04,05). Wraps saved my life! It's so much easier to manage your daily life having your hands free and your baby (-ies) against your body. I teach babywearing during pregnancy and the postpartum. English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch.
Valentine Jaquier-Roduner
Phone: 026 477 07 44

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Babywearing Playgroup
The Bangkok Babywearing Club meets on the 3rd Friday of every month. Email us to come to our meetings, join our mailing list, or for babywearing help.
Amy Vijayanagar

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United Kingdom

Cornwall UK--Redruth
Babywearing Help -- Free
Sling Meet, 3rd Thursday of the month at Redruth Childrens Centre.
Liz Williams
Phone: 01209213448

North West--Manchester
Babywearing Help -- Free
We are a voluntary community-based group committed to promoting babywearing through advocacy and education. We offer parent to parent support to anyone interested in babywearing, in the area of Manchester.
Jeanette, Rachel, Mary and Souad

Babywearing Help -- Free
I can meet anyone who wants help with babywearing, or trying out my baby carriers at the SureStart Children's Centre - just let me know! I have a ring slings, ABCs, and wraps.

Breastfeeding Support
I am a trained Breastfeeding Peer supporter with LLL approval. I am happy to meet anyone at SureStart Childrens Centre, or provide email support - just drop me a line anytime!!

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United States


Babywearing Help -- Free
We will meet every 1st Monday of the month starting May 5th 2008. Woodland Hospital Professional Building 1st floor Conference room at 11:00am. We have a topic, then questions and personal babywearing help. Food and drink are allowed. After the meeting feel free to mingle.

Babywearing Playgroup
Please join us for our free meetings the Third Thursday of every month.
10:00 am
Decatur Library
Upstairs Conference Room
Lee St and 6th Ave
Decatur, Alabama


Babywearing Playgroup
Join us at 10:00am the First Wednesday of every month. 
Mission Square 4820 University Dr. 
Suite 8 
Huntsville, AL 35816

We will discuss babywearing safety, carriers, ways to use them and answer questions.


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Babywearing Consultations
I have over three years of experience working with parents and caregivers to help them learn to use the carriers they already own or finding the perfect carrier from the demos I have on hand. I am experienced with all kinds of carriers, and am happy to teach one-on-one or in a group setting. Just send me an email to get started or make an appointment.
Larissa Wright-Elson
Phone: 907 748-4930

Babywearing Help -- Free
Have worn ring slings, wraps and other carriers. Have worn infant to toddler. Love nursing in the slings. Have worn twins together, in one sling. Also worn twins one on back and other on front.
Phone: (907) 374-3399

Fort Wainwright
Babywearing Help -- Free
I would love to share my babywearing knowledge with anyone who is wanting to learn.
Julie Green

Babywearing Playgroup
We are looking to start a babywearing group in the Matsu Valley of Alaska. There is a great one in Anchorage but thats quite a ways away. I am interested in helping parents and caregivers find and keep the joy of babywearing. We have a few interested Mommas and are looking for more. Group playdates, classes and lots of babywearing coming soon!
Phone: 907-357-2937

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Babywearing Help -- Free
I am a mom of 10 who loves baby wearing :) I can help you find the right baby wearing gear and how to use it for you and your little one.
Michelle Briseno
Phone: 480-266-1085

Babywearing Consultations
I love wearing my baby and have tried practically all of the options. I can help you and your little one get started fairly easily. Once you get the hang of babywearing it should feel good and be easy!
Lila Sideras
Phone: 520-360-1404

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Babywearing Help -- Free
My daughter is a year old, and I've been wearing her since she was 10 days old. I'm familiar with wraps and ABCs and have a few here I can teach with. I can work with you just about anywhere at any time. I'd just love to share the babywearing love with some local moms. :-)

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Indio/ La Quinta/ Palm Desert
Babywearing Help -- Free
I love wearing my baby and helping others learn to wear their babies, too. I specialize in ring slings (open tail), but can also help with ABCs and simple pieces of cloth.

Los Angeles/Valley/Pasadena/South Bay
Babywearing Consultations
Group and Private Consultations available. I have several slings, wraps, and other carriers.
Why a class: Demonstrate how to put on, take off, and carrying positions. Promote baby bonding. Find the right carrier. Learn which one is for the right occasion. Nursing hands-free. Work around the house, shop, hick all hands free.
Yomi Gayles
Phone: 310-204-2200 or 626-255-2896

Babywearing Help -- Free
I offer free babywearing consults, advice and demonstrations on all types of carriers.
Phone: 530-921-8855

Santa Cruz
Babywearing Consultations
I can help you choose the right carrier for you and your baby, or help you learn to use one that you already own.
Karisa Flores

SF Bay Area
Babywearing Help -- Free
Join our group for free babywearing help!
Karisa, Terri and Holly

Valley Center
Babywearing Help -- Free
I can help you figure out how to use a wrap to wear your baby or toddler.

Yucaipa and Surrounding Areas
Babywearing Help -- Free
Free babywearing help and consultations are available to individuals or groups. A variety of ring slings, ABCs, and wraps are available for trying on.
Phone: (909)528-2660

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Babywearing Help -- Free
My baby was born in October 2008 and I've been wearing her since just a couple days after that. I use a homemade wrap and help my children use it too. I'd love to help anyone who'd like to wear their baby as well. I can also help them with making one!
Charlie (Charlotte)

Peyton (near Colorado Springs)
Postpartum Doula Services including Babywearing Instruction
I am a birth doula and I do some postpartum work and attachment parenting support.
Amber-joy Tacey
Phone: 719-494-0479

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Fort Lauderdale
Babywearing Help -- Free
Broward Babywearers
This is a FREE babywearing meeting for newbies and experienced babywearers alike. We meet 3 times a month in the greater Fort Lauderdale metro area. Call to find out more information!
Renee Holiday
Phone: 954-661-5005

Fort Walton Beach
Babywearing Help -- Free
Just a mom who has worn baby in a wrap from 2 days old to now 9 months old and counting. We love it!

Panama City/ Southport
Babywearing Help -- Free
My name is Bria (pronounced Bree-ah). I am a mother of two and currently breastfeeding. I love wearing my babies and would like to help anyone in my area learn how to wear their baby or babies, too, free!
Bria Leach
Phone: 850-527-1256

St. Petersburg
Babywearing Help -- Free
I have been babywearing for close to 3 years. I love to help other learn to use carriers and wear their children. I use Ring Slings, ABC's, and sometimes a wrap.
Phone: 727-504-0227

Babywearing Help -- Free
I LOVE wearing my baby! I have experience with wraps and ring slings, and various other carriers. I can give advise about the best sling, let you try on mine, and give instruction on techniques.
Johanna Russo

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Babywearing Help -- Free
I'm not an expert on babywearing but I'll be happy to share what I know. Maybe we can help each other!
Angel T.
Phone: 706-761-7390

Babywearing Help -- Free
I love babywearing; it has been a wonderful help to me and my family. There are so many benefits to babywearing that I'd love to share. I'm glad to do a babywearing demo/party for one or many.
Amber Stevens
Phone: 404-849-5394

Babywearing Help -- Free
Free group babywearing classes, private consults also available as well as Labor Doula services, breastfeeding / childbirth education, massage therapy, herbal / natural parenting consults and Reiki.
Marie Young
Phone: 404-423-8062

Babywearing Help -- Free
Free group babywearing classes, private consults also available as well as Labor Doula services, breastfeeding / childbirth education, massage therapy, herbal / natural parenting consults and Reiki.
Marie Young
Phone: 404-423-8062

Smyrna and surrounding
Postpartum Doula Services including Babywearing Instruction
Happiest Baby on the Block certified educator and babywearing advocate. I offer in home consultations for infant care, breastfeeding, babywearing, and postpartum doula care. Sliding scale fees when needed. Every mother deserves a friend!
Natasha Kreisle
Phone: 404-452-4962

South of Atlanta
Babywearing Help -- Free
I have over a year's experience in babywearing and would love to help anyone that needs it. Please contact me!
Phone: 770-507-7385

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Lake County
Babywearing Help -- Free
We offer baby wearing and cloth diapering demo classes on a regular basis. Please see our website for upcoming classes or call us to sign up.
Ann Slobodian
Phone: 847-245-4294

Babywearing Help -- Free
Baby wearing has been so great for me and my son. It's easy to learn and the benefits are many - for both you and baby! I'd love to help with questions or demonstrations.
Tinah Rudnicke
Phone: 217-531-9616

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Babywearing Help -- Free
I'm a mother of 4 and about 30 minutes from Fort Wayne! I'd love to help you wear your baby - I've worn all of mine (and still am)! I've used carriers, ring-slings, and sewn my own wraps...what a blessing to help others!
Sarah Corkwell
Phone: (260) 597-7413

Babywearing Help -- Free
I can help you use ring slings,ABCs, and wraps.
Tammy Dyniewski
Phone: 219-987-3877

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Cedar Rapids
Babywearing Help -- Free
I would love to help you wear your baby!
Leslie Hing Hing Kung
Phone: 847-917-3388

Iowa City
Babywearing Help -- Free
Iowa City Babywearers First Saturday of every month, 1-3 PM Fairgrounds Coffeehouse, 345 S. Dubuque St, Iowa City, IA
Jun-Nicole Matsushita
Phone: 319-430-6736

Babywearing Help -- Free
I am a certified Parent Educator with Parents as Teachers and a momma to 3 little girls.
Andrea Farrier

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London (Camden)
Babywearing Playgroup
I can help with tying baby on with a wrap.

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Fort Polk
Babywearing Help -- Free
If you live on base and need help with a ring sling or wrap, email me . I've been wearing my 6 month old since birth and would be glad to help you.

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Babywearing Help -- Free
I am a babywearing mama of three HEAVY babies since 2003, and I'm happy to answer any questions I can.

Babywearing Help -- Free
I offer free babywearing help. Also, I hold babywearing meetings every 2 months, and have at least one of each type of carrier for you to try!
Amy Flowers
Phone: 443-536-2983

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Babywearing Help -- Free
Available to demonstrate, teach, and encourage baby wearing African style. Contact (617) 354-8807 46 Pleasant St. Cambridge, MA
Angela Owens
Phone: 617-492-4507

Babywearing Consultations
I am available to help you learn to comfortably and safely use ring slings, ABCs, wraps, etc. in a variety of positions on front, back or hip. I can teach you comfy ways to carry your child from birth through toddlerhood. Please call or email if you have any questions!
Nora Gardner
Phone: 508-495-1817

Babywearing Help -- Free
I have used a wrap style carrier with my little one since birth. I would be happy to assist any new baby wearers in learning how to make and use a wrap carrier with confidence.
Elizabeth Howse

Martha's Vineyard
Babywearing Help -- Free
I am available to help babywearing mothers--experienced and new--with carriers of all types. Try on new carriers, improve the comfort of those you already own, and connect with other babywearing mothers.
Meg Higgins
Phone: 508-693-8018

Babywearing Consultations
I am a mother of 4 and have been babywearing for a decade. I have made and worn every style of carrier I have been able to find information on and love to share this skill. I offer babywearing instruction 1-on-1 for $50 (2 hours of instruction) in the Pioneer Valley and north western CT. I am also a labor doula and postpartum doula, babywearing instruction is included in a postpartum support package.
Jolene Cook - amityDoula
Phone: 413-454-4680

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Lincoln Park
Babywearing Help -- Free
I'd love to share my knowledge and experience with anyone in the area. It's always great to see someone go away with a new confidence in their babywearing!!

St. Paul
Babywearing Help -- Free
I love babywearing!! We use wraps & an ABC. Wraps are really under-rated ; they're super-duper comfy and quick to put on once you've done it a few times. I'd love to show you how! I can come to you or you can come to me -- Twin Cities or inner or western suburbs.

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Childbirth Education including Babywearing Instruction
I offer natural birth classes where baby wearing is demonstrated and taught. I would also be happy to help anyone with baby wearing for free.
Sasha Lindberg
Phone: 406.388.0707

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Las Vegas
Babywearing Playgroup
Parent-to-parent babywearing support
Amie Norris
Phone: (702) 370-8070

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New Hampshire

Babywearing Help -- Free
I have used a wrap style carrier with my little one since birth. I would be happy to assist any new baby wearers in learning how to make and use a wrap carrier with confidence.
Elizabeth Howse

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New Jersey

Babywearing Help -- Free
I am a stay at home mom and have worn my two boys since birth. One is now 4 the other is 2. Willing to help anyone for free.
Wendy Schumann
Phone: 609-698-8613

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New York

Allegany-Olean NY / Bradford PA area
Childbirth Education including Babywearing Instruction
Justine is a babywearing, breastfeeding, momma of four in addition to being a doula and parent educator. Support groups and classes are offered for free to local families on many childbirth & parenting topics (donations are welcome). Justine is skilled in providing education for wearing little ones in: ring slings, wraps, backpacks, and ABCs. Directions on making your own baby carriers! Next class June 8th, 2008.

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North Carolina

Babywearing Playgroup
Crunchy Moms is an attachment parenting meetup group. We have meetups to discuss babywearing frequently.
Carolyn Herring
Phone: 910-494-5910

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Oklahoma City
Babywearing Classes for a Fee
I am a certified birth doula and also provide babywearing consultation! I teach at least 1 babywearing class per month, but will also do private classes.
Piper Nard
Phone: 405.773.4333

Babywearing Help -- Free
Free one-on-one babywearing help. Free breastfeeding support by a RN who works in maternal/newborn care.
Courtney Lee
Phone: 405-474-4211

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Babywearing Help -- Free
Northwest Babywearers
We are a non-profit group dedicated to babywearing. Each group provides free monthly meetings and has an extensive and rotating library. We are also long-term, well-read babywearers.
Amber, Miranda, Dacia, April

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Babywearing Help -- Free
The West Shore Babywearing Group of Harrisburg meets once a month to support parents in caregivers who wear their children. Come and meet other babywearers, learn new ways of traditional carrying, and/or try out many types of carriers. Meetings are free and everyone is welcome. Join our yahoo group for more information: or email Lori.
Lori Archer

Postpartum Doula Services including Babywearing Instruction
I am a private practice lactation consultant and a postpartum doula. I offer in home help with breastfeeding and private classes for moms on bedrest. I also offer postpartum doula services in the Harrisburg area.
Shannon Lilienthal, IBCLC, RLC
Phone: 717-712-6822

Babywearing Help -- Free
I can offer help or support in baby wearing or breastfeeding
Jacki Hoover

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South Carolina

Childbirth Education including Babywearing Instruction
I am a Certified Birth Arts Doula. I work with women who have any type of birth, whether if it's at home or in the hospital. I am knowledgeable about breastfeeding with two years experience and baby wearing with ring slings, wraps, and ABCs.
Megan Chapman
Phone: 864-314-0109

West Columbia
Babywearing Help -- Free
I made my own baby wrap! Nothing better that being made with mamas love! Very easy to do and easy to use. Contact me if you need help!

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Babywearing Help -- Free
Mom to 7 kids, ages range from 13 yrs to 1 month. I love chatting about birth, VBAC and attachment parenting. We just moved here from Colorado, where moms are a bit more "crunchy" than here in Tennessee
Dana Walsh
Phone: 772-643-5214

Babywearing Playgroup
I am a mother of 2, currently babywearing my 6 month old via homemade wrap and am eager to teach other moms how to be happily hands free!
Jessica Escue
Phone: 615-323-8583

Sparta, Cookeville, Mcminnville
Babywearing Consultations
I am well versed on all baby carrying techniques and carrier styles. Many times, you just need the right carrier for your body style and/or lifestyle. I offer free consultations and fittings to help you get the carrier fit you need. I can also help if you are just having trouble getting it all together! Feel free to email me or give me a call!
Cathy Walrath
Phone: 931-510-9275

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Babywearing Help -- Free
I have a baby girl and have been "wearing" her since she was tiny. I love it. It's wonderful for shopping, running errands, and taking care of my 3 other kids. I'm willing to help anyone learn to make one and how to wrap it.
Amy Sanchez
Phone: 832-515-2208

Babywearing Help -- Free
Austin Babywearers - we meet on the second Wednesday of every month at 9:30 am. Bring your baby, bring your carriers, bring your questions! We feature a different type of carrier every month, a lending library, and a great group of social women (and a few men).
Mar Jasper

Babywearing Help -- Free
I am more than happy to help moms, dads & babies(newborn & up) with ring slings, ABCs or soft structured carriers.
Michelle G
Phone: 469-855-5439

Babywearing Help -- Free
My wonderful friend, Tracy Dower, has taught me several of these great babywearing techniques. I am happy to show anyone the few that I know.
Melissa Merritt
Phone: 214-497-3691

Babywearing Help -- Free
I offer free help to those needing baby-wearing help in the Longview area. I'm also available for baby-wearing workshops (small fee, depending on location). I will be happy to help as far as Tyler or Shreveport, LA, if needed. Please call or email for more information.
Tessa Pickard
Phone: 903-399-3234

Babywearing Playgroup
I have a stretchy wrap, which I can wear my daughter in 3 positions. I have a ring sling and just now received an ABC. I'm still learning hands-free nursing with my 5 month old.
Michelle Hunt
Phone: 214-548-5798

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Babywearing Help -- Free
Give a call or email if you'd like to try out babywearing with a wrap, practice, or learn more.
Faye Geiger
Phone: 435-259-8920

Babywearing Playgroup
Creating a playgroup of babywearing moms! Come join us to talk about babywearing, figure out which type of carrier is best for you, and support one another while wearing our babies!
Ashley Barrett

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Babywearing Playgroup
We meet at the Kellogg-Hubbard library in Montpelier the second Thursday of the month from 10:30-noon. Everyone is welcome! We have carriers to try on at the meeting.
Leila Breton

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Smith Mt. Lake/ Bedford
Babywearing Help -- Free
Scheduled FREE classes. Intro to Babywearing workshops.
Phone: 540-297-1344

Babywearing Help -- Free
I can help with wraps, ring slings, ABCs, etc.
Rebekah Gonzalez
Phone: 1-866-407-0946

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Babywearing Consultations
I offer a sling lending library full of wonderful carriers, private consultations and group babywearing classes.
Tanja Martinson

Childbirth Education including Babywearing Instruction
Bradley Childbirth educator and babywearing advocate.
Amber Langeliers
Phone: 360-513-4713

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Babywearing Help -- Free
I'm experienced using wraps, ring slings, and ABCs and have taught several free babywearing classes. I'd be happy to teach a class either one-on-one or in a group setting.
Elizabeth Johnston

Breastfeeding Support
We host a Breastfeeding Support Discussion group every 2nd Thurday at 7 p.m. at Hildebrand Library children's room. Each month we have a different discussion theme and allow plenty of time for troubleshooting breastfeeding issues and answering general nursing questions. Babywearing help is also available at meetings. Children (not just nurslings!) of all ages are welcome.
Elizabeth or Laura

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