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Chill Baby! Don't let this website overwhelm you. You don't have to learn everything right now. You don't have to learn everything, ever. Just relax. You only need to learn ONE carry with ONE type of carrier. That's all you need.
First, read the Safety Agreement. Now, choose ONE thing to learn. Do you need a way to carry baby on your back? Or your hip? Or in front to cuddle or nurse? Go to the menu for choosing carries by position. Have a baby but no carrier? How old is your baby? Look at the menu for choosing carries available for that age. Do you already own a carrier? Go to the menu for choosing carriers by type of carrier.
Still pregnant with your first baby? Yay! You have time to browse and learn whatever you want. You can practice with a teddy bear. Be sure to learn Hands Free Nursing before the baby arrives.
Still don't know where to start? Try this: Read the Safety Agreement. Learn the easiest front carry. Check out our newest video! Enjoy your baby!


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If someone told you they knew a secret to help your baby sleep better, cry less and learn better, would you be interested? Author Maria Blois, M.D., does this and more in her new book, Babywearing. After wearing her own babies and being constantly stopped and asked about the carriers and how to use them, Dr. Blois has written a book that describes the benefits of babywearing, how to choose and use the carrier that is right for you, and how to make your own baby carrier. She includes testimonials from babywearers from all over the country about the wonders of babywearing. Dr. William Sears and his wife, Martha, wrote the foreword for this book. Regarding this book, Dr. Sears says: “If babies could talk, they would ask you to please read this book and wear them as often as possible!”

Babywearing DVD
Tummy to Tummy

by Dr. Maria Blois


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Make a Carrier!


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In China, it is said that "A master is anyone who knows more than you do." So, you are all master babywearers compared with most of the moms in the world. You do NOT need to know everything there is to know about babywearing -- if you know even ONE carry with even ONE type of carrier, you are in possession of knowledge other moms desperately want -- even if they do not yet know they want it. ;-D Therefore, you should all feel confident enough to teach others! So, pick a public place, pick a day of the week, and start sharing your skills with other families! Then, list yourself here.


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Broken link? Missing image? Misspelled word? Inadequate instructions? Please email I cannot respond to every email, but I do appreciate your help. I will email you back if I can.  Thanks, Tracy Dower


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